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"The Dab Is in the Details" - Dabbing Concentrate Macro Photography

Our Grassroots Cannabis macro concentrate session last month was a sticky success! The photos and video clip you see capture the culmination of their creative passion and expertise, showcasing a range of gorgeous amber products that are sure to elevate your next experience.

Grassroots 710 Concentrate Session Video ClipHere's a video clip using the media from the facility session, please enjoy connoisseurs!

We used our three point macro lighting kit, black velvet backdrop and automated macro rail to get the details. From glistening shatter that sparkles like sunlight to velvety budder that melts in your mouth, each creation embodies the essence of the finest flowers.

They have meticulously crafted these golden extracts to ensure the purest flavors and most captivating aromas, guaranteeing an unforgettable session every time, and we are proud to capture and share Grassroots concentrate and dabbing products

Dive into the world of artisanal concentrates and discover the magic Grassroots have been brewing up!

Thanks for tuning in, for our next newsletter we'll have the July issue content for Maryland leaf Magazine so stay tuned!


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