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For me, photography and filmmaking reach their zenith when used to elevate those small brilliant hidden moments, the little stories obscured within the larger overall picture.

I am a Baltimore MD based artist and the lead photographer @ Maryland Leaf Magazine.


My journey started with skateboard photography in the late 80s, covering the punk rock & underground hip-hop scenes and then history & guerrilla marketing in college. I started a band and was a touring artist for almost a decade while also working as a digital audio engineer for a startup 

I co-founded a promotion & production company with an incredible group of creative professional friends. Our crew would bring in DJ's and out of state Indie acts for dinner & night club gigs, VIP special events etc. We had thousands of fliers printed weekly and managed a crew of socialites to distribute them in the city's cultural "hot spots" to drive interest and exclusivity. This is where I honed many of the experiential branding techniques I use now for Maryland Connoisseur, which is in many ways like a band, sans the music where the patients are the fans. 

Eventually I became a partner in a wireless wholesale distribution business and spent the next ten years doing commercial photography, building websites, running marketing campaigns and working with large national clients.


I originally started Maryland Connoisseur as a thought experiment to see if I could use my branding, marketing and photo/video/music skills to create a premium brand. It took off as the states legal cannabis program began to grow and I saw the vast potential to build a local media company focused on connoisseur lifestyle branding with deep connections to the Maryland cannabis & CBD wellness community.


These are some of the amazing brands I have worked with:

VERANO | CULTA Cannabis Co | Evermore Cannabis Co | SunMed Growers  | Grassroots Cannabis |Select | Curio Wellness | Alt-Sol Cannabis | Holistic Industries | District Cannabis | Remedy Columbia | Takoma Wellness  | The Living Room | Nature's Care & Wellness | Storehouse | Kannavis Trading Co | Liberty Cannabis | Far & Dotter | Maryland Leaf Magazine | The LOCAL Restaurant​ | StayINLINE Yoga Studio​​​​​​​​| Get Grassman Delivery App | This Is Strane | My Bud Vase | Cannador | Feel Good Flavors | Georgetown Hemp | LIVE RITE CBD | Stribble Treats | Plannit Creative Agency | Trulieve | Story Of Maryland


My photography studio & office is located in Baltimore MD and is a part of the North Ave Arts Community @ The Graffiti Warehouse Studio #9, I have a great view of midtown and MICA.  The studio is fully kitted out with professional lighting, grip, high resolution view cameras, an editing suit, backgrounds and a large collection of custom props. You'll find me there most days creating commercial art or on location throughout the DMV region, these are the areas I specialize in & focus on:

Greg Malcolm Maryland Connoisseur

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Our Methodology and Approach Is To Work Closely With Our Clients To Produced Beautifully Tailored Creative Concepts & Content.


Here's where I go into detail about building the scenes for clients, test shoots & other happenings @ MC Studio:

Greg Malcolm : Baltimore MD Based Artist

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