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Popcorn Buds & Chill - A Still Life & Collage Product Photography Test Session

I had an idea for a simple concept for "Popcorn Buds", you see these little nuggets for sale at most dispensaries and they are usually offered at a discount over the big prime grade "A" buds, they often get overlooked. With that being said, here is a simple concept test shoot I did recently focusing on the ubiquitous little nuggets of bliss paired with a popular current cultural meme (Netflix & Chill, I digress) elevating those little yet mighty buds we all love!

A part of the art of photography and being a "photographer" is reflecting the cultural zeitgeist, living in the moment, awareness and being connected to a larger collective unconscious, you know the Jungian thing.
Popcorn Buds & Chill
I used a single 600 watt hard light placed about 10 feet away to get even lighting and the gradient look I wanted, I used a gaggle of flags, scrims, reflectors and tracing paper to shape the light to the aesthetic vision.
Focus Stacked Skewed Perspective
I took this "hero shot" and then added "POP" & floating buds in post for a slightly different look and effect.
Composited Collaged POP Corn Buds

These are the first images using my new camera, Sony A7R5 the 61 full frame megapixels of resolving power is super useful when paired with my trusty Sony G Master 90mm f2.8 Macro lens. I love the focus bracketing function on the new camera, I will still use my manual 2x lens for specific looks and jobs but this automated feature on the A7R5 makes my life a bit easier in delivering content to clients.

Stay tuned for some photos from a studio shoot with Nature's Heritage.


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