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Capturing the Beauty of Nature's Heritage: A Day In The Life - Studio Photoshoot

Nature's Heritage Marketing Director was coming through town from Massachusetts and we had a day to shoot some e-commerce platform pack shots and a few still life shots. We got these images set up fairly quick and checked them off the list.

Basic Pack Shot
Then we set up for the still life shots, the first of which is focus stacked as it was shot at a pretty extreme angle and I wanted to get all the products in focus even @ f11
Classic and Classy Vibes
Hero Shot - Cannabis Noir. I used a brand appropriate color for the backdrop and added a flash for gradient effect.
Crown Of Bud - Hero Shot
We used sticky tack to keep the canisters from rolling around and I had to work the angle to get the right kind of reflections.
Repetitive Patterns Are Fun
And then we finished with the concentrates on the black acrylic, the challenge was to get some reflections and the product in the jar so the angle was kind of important, here are two different scenes.
Random Precision

Three Quarter Angle Classic Still Life

I also worked on some Henri Rousseau inspired proof of concept collages for the client that they ultimately passed on, sigh.

Follow The Rabbit...

I Had Fun With These
We wrapped up in the evening after a full studio day, client was very happy so mission accomplished and some great new portfolio additions, stay tuned for more behind the scenes!


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