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Maryland Leaf Magazine Product & Patient Photography Session

Another product and patient session with my main magazine: Maryland Leaf. Wyatt texted the date and we made it happen once more, the subjects: Isana Connoisseur Cannabis & Chris the Patient Of The Month for February 2023.

First up is the Isana, this is a newish brand owned by the owners of Remedy Dispensaries and grown by Shore Naturals and by the looks it's probably dope. I was going for a classy trendy vibe, low key and on brand of course:

Classy Kind & Low Key

I opted for a mix of black blocks, column, silver box and translucent props built in a leading lines style, it took about 15 mins to get this one how I liked it.

This is Chris Manley, he is the February Patient Of The Month:

Head In His Clouds

I decided to use a backlit crystal blue background that suited his skin tone and wardrobe.


I set Chris facing away from the key light and ramped up the rim light for a bold graphic effect, he supplied the sly smile.

Faraway Look

Super nice and very tall gent, his head is in the clouds atm. Standard and side poses, enjoy fellow Connoisseurs that's all till next months MD Leaf session.


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