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High Times in Maryland: June's Patient Spotlight & Product Picks

For the June issue of Maryland Leaf Magazine, we ventured to the vibrant Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore, where my studio served as the backdrop for our captivating shoot. Our patient of the month, Malayna Fowler, arrived early with an infectious energy that filled the space. 

Malayna Stikes a Pose
The contrast between her rich brown dress and the striking blue graffiti behind her created a visual feast, and Malayna's natural grace made it easy to capture stunning portraits. We experimented with poses, both candid and carefully composed, adding accessories to enhance her striking presence.
Love Those Nike Trainers!
Puff Puff Pass...

As we wrapped up the portrait session, the focus shifted to the bud of the month. This month's star strain hails from Nature's Heritage, a favorite among Maryland connoisseurs. Their Lemon Cherry Gelato, known for its potent effects and enticing aroma, took center stage under our studio lights. 

Nature's Heritage - Lemon Cherry Gelato
To complement this fragrant flower, we showcased Verano's Yum Yum BHO Live Sugar, a delectable concentrate that promises a truly tantalizing experience. This duo of delightful cannabis products promises to elevate any summer session.
Verano's Yum Yum BHO Live Sugar

Thanks for tuning in, coming up very soon, a behind the scenes look @ my latest 710 Concentrate Session for Grassroots Cannabis!


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