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A Woman's POV Review of OH, THC-Infused Intimacy Oil From Curio Wellness.

OH advertises itself as playing a role in closing the pleasure gap, that is, the phenomenon that women statistically report achieving orgasm less frequently than their male partners. Since I am among the lucky percentage of women who don’t generally have trouble reaching orgasm, either alone or with my partner, I’ve wondered if a THC- infused lube wouldn’t be gilding the lily. And as a poor, working artist with the ability to come regularly, a $70 price tag for one product doesn’t feel practical. (Since we all know stoner artists are nothing if not practical.)

Review Of Curio Wellness - OH
Review Of Curio Wellness - OH
A huge pro about this oil is that its ingredients are all-natural and not tested on animals. Furthermore, 100% of the THC content is sourced from Curio’s own Golden Strawberry strain, known to be an aphrodisiac. I’ve described the effects of this strain as feeling like your blood is rising to the surface of your skin, making you much more sensitive to the lightest of touches.

The dominant terpene in this blend is limonene, which a quick look-up on Leafly will tell you is responsible for the citrusy aroma in certain strains. Among this terpene’s effects are elevated mood, antifungal and antibacterial properties, and “improves absorption of other terpenes and chemicals by way of the skin, mucous membranes, and digestive tract.”

So not only is it a guard-dog against the worst threats to vaginal health, but it may, along with the MCT oil, actually help this sensitive mucous membrane absorb the THC more efficiently.

First thing to note is the color: it comes out amber, not clear, so I immediately put a towel under myself. The second is the scent, of oranges and vanilla, though not overpowering like cleaning agents or artificial flavors. The ingredients list orange essence, but some of this sweet citrus is probably from the limonene. The aroma is pleasant, and evokes memories of melting creamsicles on a warm summer night.

I used about 4-5 squirts and spread it in and around my labia. I barely had to do anything before I felt quite “thirsty.” The sensation is like gentle icy-hot, and I experienced an increased sensitivity to the lightest of touches. In fact, I was genuinely impressed at both the speed and depth of the orgasm(s). And yes, I did actually find myself proclaiming, “Oh!”
OH - Curio Wellness
OH - Curio Wellness

In conclusion, I can say with confidence that this lube is safe and highly effective, even if it had less heavy-lifting to do on me.

The effort required to reach orgasm was considerably minimal, and the orgasm itself was one of the best I’ve had on my own in some time.

I do wish it worked with silicone toys, as I imagine those who struggle would appreciate

being able to double-up on methods. And you can’t use it with condoms. But as for the

price, I’d say if you are among the many women with difficulty achieving orgasm,

consider making room for this product in your budget. Because you deserve to feel this


Come and get it, Maryland!


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