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More than likely you have market competitors selling the same or very similar products. Cut through the noise and make your products stand out from the rest of the crowded field.

We Help Commoditize Proof Your Brand

  • Consistency is key

  • A Photo Speaks a Thousand Words

  • We Buy With Our Eyes

  • Sell Your Product Without Words

  • Stand Out From Your Competitors


Creative product photography & video with an emphasis on overall aesthetics, placement, tasteful props, professional lighting and high quality retouching & post production, will help to make your products more desirable than those of your competitors even if they are similar products.

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Greg Malcolm - Founder Maryland Connoisseur

ProduCt Photography

Event Photography

Video Production

We're An Independent Studio That 

Specializes In Commercial Photography & Video Production For Connoisseur Brands & Businesses.

Product Photography
Lifestyle Photography
Portrait Photography
Event Photography
Video Production
Thumb Stopping Images


Beautiful product images styled to your needs.


Capturing dynamic, eye-catching high-end lifestyle magazine quality photography.


Still Lifestyle Photos - perfect for online ordering platforms, website catalog & banners, investor deck, social media & print advertising.

Dramatic In-Studio Product Photography

In this image driven, always online instant purchase ecommerce era, we help to create motivated customers for your products.

Our creative team uses state of the art technology & timeless techniques to create exceptional product photos that drive sales & revenue through enhanced customer engagement.

High Quality Commercial Photography

From big brands to small businesses our commercial photography services bring your products & brand to life, making them truly stand out by offering you a variety of style options custom-tailored to your brand & product line.

In Studio

Jason Grass: Classic Rembrandt Style Lighting 

On Location

@ Kannavis: Beauty Dish Style Lighting & Gel Backlight

Graffiti Warehouse

Double G: Dramatic Performance Style Lighting

Commercial Photography & Video That Sparks Interest, Focuses Attention, Creates Desire & Drives Engagement.
Quotation mark

"The Maryland Connoisseur epitomizes the tasteful way to highlight the best parts of the cannabis industry.  Their knowledge and passion have helped legitimize the Maryland and DC markets by showcasing the "best in class" in creative and artistic ways.  They skillfully combines knowledge, professionalism, and perspective to create some of the best cannabis content in the area and we are proud to work with them."

Parker Anger | Founder & President @ Good Morning Manufacturing

Product Clips & More

High Quality Video Clips In 4K Tailored Made To Your Brand & Marketing Schedule.

Consult With Us On Preferred Format, Including: How To Instructional, Documentary Style Interview, Music Video & More.

Portrait Photography

Lifestyle Photography