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Vibrant Visuals: Capturing the Energy of Feel Good Flavors at Graffiti Warehouse

This was a brand building day for local cannabis co Favorites - Feel Good Flavors. they do ultra fashionable cannabis connoisseur accessories, apparel and some pretty awesome flower as well.

Here are some of the images from the overall shoot day, which was focused on making a documentary style video with the founder - Dino, we will explore the values of the founder and then the marketing effort will flow organically from there. We shot the interview and some extensive b-roll with some models and a local DJ:
Striking In Pink - FGF Apparel

Visions In Pink & Teal - FGF Products
The alleyway was a good brand match with super fly graffiti visuals from local artists making the experience more organic and authentic.
Up Against The Wall
I had the models pose @ this doorway which creates some very visual nice framing, the art changes weekly.
Striking Poses In The Alleyway

Urban Branding Photo Session
Here's another image on the door frame, logo upfront, the colors are sublime.
Feel Good Flavors - Cannabis Accessories & Apparel
Here are a couple of the images from inside the Graffiti Warehouse, this was part of the b-roll session after I filmed the interview with Dino.
B-Roll Smoke Session

The DJ - FGF

All in all a very busy 5 hours on location, I will have the full interview video for Feel Good Flavors ready in the new year, I will be adding product spins and spins of FGF products connoisseur cannabis flower.

Here's a group shot on the alleyway with the whole crew assembled that day.
Feel Good Flavors - Group Pose
Keep your eye out for this local brand, I will be working closely with them to craft a winning content management strategy: creating content, marketing, events & promotion, website & SEO, social media and messaging/newsletter.


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