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This Is STRANE - Minimalist Holiday Shoot

The planning started in late November with the social media director for Holistic Industries, the brief was as simple as it was difficult... Do a holiday shoot with no religious imagery, make it non-traditional and On Brand.

I gathered the required materials from the dispensary and props from several online stores, and we did a final meeting on the overall look and aesthetic then I was off.

One of my fave shots from the shoot

I started off rather minimal and used just red to signify the season here. This is a shot I had been wanting to do for awhile and I'm glad to be able to execute it with a Puffco and some Strane extracts, a mix of hard and soft light.

The next few I started to build off simply then building more complex scenes as I was piggy backing off the last image:
Apex - The Top

The shot list included group shots with accessories and the products themselves, using some leading lines and forced perspective I started to add more elements to the overall scenes building into some pleasing complex yet minimal shots:
Chiaroscuro & sfumato are big influences on my work

Use of reflections as composition

The entire family

Pre-roll group shot
I used black and silver bulbs as shiny objects props building busier whilst enjoying some other "product" I had from my personal stash, as the mood/high developed the images were as well in tandem.

This session was kind of complex, as the planning/organizing was a bit involved but once I got into the studio the creative flow was blissful even as the work was complex, it's the art and science of what I do as a photographer.


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