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Jim Belushi Brings the Blues & Buds to Maryland

Comedy legend and cannabis connoisseur Jim Belushi rocked the NCW dispensary campus in Perryville with a special appearance promoting his Belushi's Farm cannabis brand. Belushi, star of the Discovery Channel show "Growing Belushi", showcased the deep connection between his love of music and his passion for quality cannabis.

Partnering with SunMed Growers, the highlight of the event was an impromptu harmonica jam session, with Belushi's dog playfully barking along to the rhythm. The crowd, filled with NCW's loyal customers and Perryville locals, roared with laughter and applause. It was a reminder that Belushi is one of them – a guy who loves a good time with friends and genuinely believes in the healing power of cannabis.

The crowd of working-class customers and local residents felt a genuine connection with Belushi, who understands their appreciation for hard work and blissful relaxation.

Belushi spoke about the legacy of the Blues Brothers and how cannabis, like music, has the power to uplift and bring joy. His partnership with Maryland's own SunMed Growers highlights his commitment to quality and community.

He's on a mission to bring Belushi's Farm to the world, and Maryland is a stop he won't soon forget!

Bottom line: if you want to try those Blues Brothers-approved strains Belushi grows with SunMed, hit up NCW dispensary. You might even catch the next impromptu jam session!


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