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Test Session With Curio, Leinenkugel Beer, SunMed Growers & Triple Seven Cannabis.

Another marathon test concept session this week, first up was Curio Wellness and their exclusive flower collection starring: Chocolate Mint OG, I decided to do a simple still life set up:

Chocolate Miny OG Still Life Session

The I zagged a bit and took some images of Lienenkugels Summer Shandy Collection, I decided to make the colors pop and it made me miss summer whilst in the dead of MD winter, sigh:

Lovely bright BOLD POP Summer beer set up

The shadows are a very important part of the overall composition

These images are very pleasing and I liked them, what do you think? Next up was SunMed Growers and their current hero strain Snoop Dogg OG, another minimal still life set up:

It's been awhile SunMed, this strain rocks

Lastly was a company that I know very little about, Triple Seven Cannabis, I believe they are licensed through G-Leaf but I could be wrong anyhow here is the hero picture I took:

This was a long but very worthwhile test session, I am loving the beer photography and I will pursue it for the time being, until next time fellow connoisseurs.


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