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Studio Photography Session with Maryland Leaf Magazine - March Issue

Portrait, patient and product session with Maryland Leaf Magazine... I set up for the patient portrait shot first, as Wyatt (State Mag Director) had requested a portrait for himself, I used the same general set up with both, modified Rembrandt style using a key, two rims and a bounce card for the fill, shot against blue velvet drapes.

Wyatt Flexes.

I had Wyatt do several poses, they ended up fairly moody and dramatic, I adjusted HSL levels in post.

Hero Shot.

The product: Lucky Orchard by Evermore was a cold cured live rosin concentrate, I decided to shoot this bare bulb for specular highlights and hard shadows, and added a second light to bring in the other side details.

Minimalist Still Life Set Up.

The main terpene was limonene so we went with a lemony theme, added the clay arches for depth and leading lines. I then decided to composite collage the image in the style I have been working on:

Cut Out Magazine Style.

The concentrate container was cut out as was two lemons, I brought in some props and tropical leaves for the composition and theme building, here it is vertical for social media:

Cut Out Magazine Style - Vert.

I made this cut out set up into a little video clip, I went through several versions, this is the one that had the best POP factor, but I digress...

I like the vertical a bit better. The next photo was for Nature's Heritage, they have a new classic OG strain out, Lamb's Bread an old school sativa that Bob Marley smoked back in the day so I wanted to put it on a pedestal... literally:

A classic "Landrace" strain.

I had this strain when I visited Amsterdam back in the early 2000s, it was a wicked sativa then and still is. Next up and lastly is the Patient Of The Month:

The Comedian - Deep Thoughts.

The Comedian - Character.

Justin Brooks is a local stand up comedian, hence the hot mic. I used the same set up as with Wyatt but did a bit different adjusting in post. I decided to use two poses and with different colors for the backdrop to represent different emotions/feelings. That is it for this months session with Maryland Leaf Magazine, check out our ad while you are connoisseuring.


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