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Recapping the Maryland Leaf Magazine Holiday Party of 2023 Through Captivating Photos and Highlight Reel Video

Maryland Connoisseur Studio has been busy with exciting projects, including the Maryland Leaf Magazine Holiday Party 2023. The event was a huge success with the Maryland cannabis community enjoying a most memorable & splendid evening event. To learn more about our recent projects, make sure to read on

A Holiday Surreal with Maryland Leaf Magazine

WATCH: Highlight Reel Style Video of the Nights Events.

The Crowd Builds As The Sense Of Excitement Rises

MC Wyatt Early

Super Excited Contestant Winner!
Wyatt Early (MD State Director) MC's the raffle prize awards ceremony in-style.

Surreal, Classy & Sublime

Truly Memorable Entertainer
This Entertainer was a tour de force of light, color & movement, I want to work with her more in the near future.

The Crowd Gets Excited With The Bouqe Joint Rolling Contest

Bouqe' Rolling Papers sponsored a very lively joint rolling contest, a truly lost art... sigh.
This Moment Captured

Burn Baby Burn

The Scene From The Area In Between...
This was my fave themed apparel of the night:
Oh My...

My Fave Holiday Activity

Another Lovely Verite Image - The Moment Captured


This job was a joy, I love gigs like this, thanks for tuning in...


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