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Maryland Leaf Magazine - The April Issue Studio Session With CULTA & Kind Tree

One of my favorite partners is Maryland Leaf Magazine, they represent the regional cannabis community well with reviews, insight, articles and images.

The state director texted me this months studio agenda: Strain of the Month, Concentrate of the Month and Patient of the Month were in order for this month's issue, with that being said here's the first image from the session, Patient of the Month:
Patient of the Month - Kara D'Antonio: Magazine Shot

Alternate "Smoky" Image
After some discussion on the style, colors etc I set-up and took the shot for the Strain of the Month from CULTA Cannabis:
CULTA's Hot Mint Sundae

I decided to go with a minimal and moody "crown of bud" low key style with a two light setup. One key light bare bulb for specular highlights and rim light in a strip softbox, shot @ f11 with my Sony 90mm f2.8 Macro G OSS Prime lens, I love how this lens brings out rich textures.

Next up and lastly was for the concentrate featured review by Kind Tree Cannabis, I decided to go with a more colorful, rich and high key style concepted around the concentrate itself:
Strawberry OG Live Badder - Kind Tree Cannabis

I added the faux fruit strawberries into a sushi style serving tray with old school stainless steel chopsticks/dab tools, then HSL color matched the background in post, shot with the same Sony macro prime lens.

You can find this session in the April issue of Maryland Leaf Magazine available now @ dispensaries and kind retail establishments all over Maryland, and you can view and download it here as well: Maryland Leaf Magazine - April Issue


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