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Maryland Leaf Magazine - June Issue Studio Session with GAGE + Kings & Queens

Here's a quick update on the Maryland Leaf June session, we started with GAGE Cannabis, a new brand in Maryland. We went with a slightly minimalistic "Cookies" vibe to match the equally minimalist packaging. Sundae Driver is pretty and potent with an uplifting cool type of heady vibe going on.

GAGE CANNABIS - Sundae Driver

Next up, Blueberry Muffins Live Resin Badder extracted by Kings & Queens from Vireo, the aroma kind of exploded out of the jar upon opening, fruity stinky good. We went with a blue hue to match the strain and vibe:

Blissfully Good - K&Q

Patient Of The Month - Sammi Martin:

The Future's So Bright - I Gotta Wear Shades

I landed on a peachy pink background and a three point Rembrandt style lighting setup.

Sammi Martin - Patient Of The Month

You can find out more about her in the current issue HERE Maryland is going rec legal on July 1st, we have some cool stuff lined up for then so stay tuned connoisseurs!


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