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Maryland Leaf Magazine Cover Photo Session - July Concentrates Issue

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since the last Concentrates Issue, and a special issue it is as we are shooting all of the concentrates, bud and patient of the month... whew!

Here is the cover for the Maryland Leaf Magazine issue, it is a composite of the five products that I took the photos of then cut out and reassembled in a sculpture like structure - very postmodern but I digress....

Post Modernist Digital "Sculpture" Concentrates

Next up is Bud Of The Month - this month's honor goes to Curio Wellness and their very popular and potent strain - Blissful Wizard

Classy Still Life Photo - Blissful Wizard

I decided on white acrylic, peel and stick tile, My Bud Vase Bong and a couple risers to complete the effect, the color palette works with the product and mood nicely.

Here are some of the issue's concentrate shots: The Alchemist MD, Temple Hash Balls, Beezel Brands MD, Kings and Queens, Nature's Heritage and CULTA Cannabis.

And last but certainly not least was Keidy Weedy, our Patient Of The Month:

Keidy Weedy - Cannabis Activist

Also On July 1st Maryland legalized recreational cannabis, we were @ two Zenleaf Dispensary locations for the day's events, here's a preview of the next newsletter:

Rec Legal Day In Maryland - Zenleaf Dispensaries

That's it for now, stay tuned for the next newsletter where I'll go over the BIG Day In Maryland from Verano's Zenleaf Dispensaries.


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