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Cannabis Noir Macro Photography Session with Verano

I made the trip over to Jessup MD for a half day facilities session with Verano Cannabis, with the focus being on low key noir styled strain macros for the dried flower that is getting ready to hit the market, some bits gummies and stacked focus macros for live plant cuttings, setting up for three different scenes I knew it was going to be a busy day.

First up was the low key noir dried flower macros:
Beautiful Buds

Solid Nug Of Bliss

I shot these @ f11 100 ISO with my trusty Sony 90mm Macro GM lens on black acrylic for the classy reflections.

Cannabis Noir Group Shot
Here's a close up shot:
I also set up for a quick eCommerce pack style shot for Verano Bits Gummies:
Simple Still Life Shot
And here are the live plant cutting stacked focus macros, I took about 40-50 with a manual 2x macro lens then stitched the photo together in Helicon Focus for the clean stacked macro look:
Frosty AF!

This Plant = Superb Specimen
As I zoomed in those trichomes started to stand out and express themselves in a crystal clear wonderful way, but I digress.
Fields Of Frosty Trichomes
This purple plant was probably the most "photogenic" as you can image the aroma in this room was exceptional!
Photogenic Purple Plant
I also got some shots in the facility itself, the head cultivator was our tour guide, this place is awesome!
Head Cultivator & His Plants

This was a great session, we got a lot of good material for Verano's portfolio and mine as well, stay tuned for the next MC Studio News installment where we will go behind the scenes for a full day commercial photoshoot @ my studio with Nature's Heritage, thanks connoisseurs!


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