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Building The Scene: Leinenkugel's "Summer Rain Series" Summer Shandy Collection

For this session the subject is Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy Collection. These images started out as hero shots high contrast on bright poppy blue background, I lit this scene with four strobes, two as rim lights a key and then a fill light. I brought the lights in very close for the dramatic effect on a new pedestal:

Main hero shot - ginger shandy

Next I added the "rain" to Leinenkugel's ginger shandy to help bring more of the summer concept into focus:

Adding the "rain"

Then I added the backgrounds (to reflect different staggered times after a summer storm where a rainbow appears) to reflect the overall concept I was striving for, summer rain for the summer shandy collection:

Atmospherics - After a summer rainstorm

Here are the other two flavors, my favorite is the watermelon shandy but I digress:

My personal fave flavor

I had to respray the cans a few times, I have to reorder some glycerine asap.

This one worked out the best IMHO

I think the coloring worked best with the grapefruit shandy, what do you think of beer photography and cannabis photography coming together, someone on IG reminded me that hops and cannabis are cousins and they go great together, responsibly that is.

As a bonus I also worked on another low key image for Lyon Rum A great local distillery on the eastern shore, I decided to go with this set up:

Lyon Rum - Hero Shot

And in the spirit of the session, I covered it with a nice misty frost, what do you think? That is all for this session thanks for tuning in fellow Connoisseurs.


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