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Grow Facilities Photo & Video Session @ Holistic Industries: Macros, Spins & Pours

One of the more challenging aspects of working with the cannabis industry is doing on location shoots @ their grow facilities, there are the security and safety provisions, the hostile filming environments which make bringing in a ton of sensitive studio gear problematic at best and prohibitive at worse, for this shoot we made the best of it all.

Here's a short summary of my long day for Holistic Industries @ their Cap Heights grow facility.

That being said, it was a long day lugging equipment around, tearing down, setting up etc, thanks to the marketing & facilities crew for organizing this shoot and helping lug around the aforementioned equipment.

After setting up in an used section of the grow I got some great macros of the strains of the day, here's a couple rather gorgeous samples:

Beautiful Purple Cannabis Plant

Cannabis Plant Noir

I also shot video clips of the strains, this was especially challenging as the HVAC system was on and I got some wobble on the spinning specimens, I was able to take care of most of it in post.

Here are a couple super crops of the focused stacked macros:

Purple Cannabis Plant Super Crop
The inner beauty of the cannabis plant really comes out when you zoom in to see all the hidden details, I am starting to really enjoy doing focus stacking with cannabis plants.
Insane Trichome Development

Here's a 30 second mixed media clip I made from some of the footage and macro shots as a proof of concept for their marketing director:

The company will use all the clips I shot for them in couple of their brands, This Is Strane and Garcia Brands I believe. Their media wizards will assemble the clips and images impressively I have no doubt and on brand.

We tore down and then moved into the lab area and I got some cool concentrate shots, pours and mixing clips, here's a couple please note how moody dark and low key these are, be still my heart this is my fave style and totally on brand for Strane:

Dreamy Creamy Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis Concentrates Still Life
I have several pours, mixes video clips shot @ 4k 60fps for that creamy butter smooth cinematic slow motion... but you'll have to use your imagination (hint they were shot in this same low key style) until Holistic Ind releases the media as part of their spring/summer marketing efforts... look closely and you'll see the "Connoisseur" pieces. Until next time fellow Connoisseurs thanks for tuning in.

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Jul 03, 2023

Someone broke into my house and installed hidden speakers, is this a good strain to keep the hidden speakers from talking to me? Their "favorite color is red", so they may like this?

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