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Exploring Maryland's Top Cannabis Products and Patient of the Month with Maryland Leaf Magazine

Greetings connoisseurs, for this installment of MC Studio News we will explore the studio session for the patient & products of the month for the November Issue (Out Now), starting off is Jazmine Moore a local culinary delight, she discovers new ways to present cannabis & cuisine, read more about her in the latest issue of Maryland Leaf Magazine

I decided to do a moody portrait with a black background and double rim lights to create a floating effect whilst isolating the subject for you to focus on:
Jazmine Moore - MD Leaf Magazine Patient Of The Month
While posing Jazmine flashed some "signs" after I asked her to show a bit of personality for the magazine readers who have never met her, she did a great job:
Flash Your Signs
You can connect with Jazmine @ her YouTube Channel: @GreenPantherChef
Next up was the Bud Of The Month, Midnight Circus by Evermore Brands A super dank experience. I went with a colorful layout and some plant cut outs for effect:
Midnight Circus - Bud Of The Month: Evermore Brands
To conclude the session for the November Issue we captured the Concentrate Of The Month, Neapolitan Sherbet. brought to you by Eden Solventless
Still Life Product Photography - Eden Solventless
I decided on a minimal setup on a black background and aimed the double rim lights on the container for the effect I was looking for. Thanks for tuning in, we have a busy month for December so stay tuned for more studio news from MC Studio, thanks connoisseurs!


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