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Drink Photography Test Shoot Session

I have been wanting to expand a bit into drink photography and see if my moody edgy bold & graphic style fit with the genre.

First off was local rum brand: Lyon Rum Windon Distilling Company - Saint Michaels Maryland.

I spent three hours getting the lighting dialed in for this shot:
Lyon Rum - Dark Rum with double rim lights

In the end I opted for a four light setup with scrim diffusion to create the rim gradient, a direct frontal strobe on the label, I was getting glare from a overhead key light so I opted to move it to eye level and voila no more huge key light reflection.

Lyon Rum with glass

I added a drink glass in a classic side stance, the background was originally black and backlit, but I opted to for black velvet to make the subjects really pop and stand out.

Up next I got a six pack of a local brewery, Key Brewing Co that had ever so subtle Grateful Dead imprint and references, see for yourself:
Key Brewing HAZY IPA

Simple and effective hero shot on brand and in a fun color palette. Next was a still life scene that took about 20 mins or so to get how I wanted it:

Still Life Scene - HAZY IPA
Then to take these amps to 11, I concepted the next couple shots with the "hazy" nature of things in mind, oh the memories:

Things are starting to get surreal...

Added the old school fractals to the hero shot and to the trio:

Poster Shot

Trippy Trio

All in all a fun session, I will work a few more concept themes with Lyon rum and post something back here so stay tuned.


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