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Curio Wellness Offers Up A Unique New Cannabis Lifestyle App - Wellness Your Way

To meet popular demand for attainable cannabis information, Curio Wellness is unveiling an easy and convenient way to access up-to-date information at the touch of a button!

Available on the App Store and Google Play, the Curio app offers its users an introduction into the world of medical cannabis including: how to become a Maryland medical cannabis patient, applications for use, information for physicians, and a scientific but digestible breakdown of how medical cannabis works in the body.

The brief blurbs found in the FAQs are a smooth introduction into the complex nature of cannabis. By using straightforward diagrams to depict the cannabinoid receptors, the app translates the intricate terminology found in cannabis research into a clear and understandable visual.

For those who wish to dive deeper into the science, they have included links to the research studies in which this information was presented. Once the user is clear on what a cannabinoid is and how it interacts with the systems in our body, the next page lays out the most common cannabinoids in a table.

If the user has a question that is not answered in the information provided, the app has provided a “Speak to an Expert'' tab that allows users to submit an email to a dedicated Curio Wellness staff member. I found that Curio’s app is accommodating accessibility by providing a resource for new or curious patients to contact an expert in the field. The expert can guide them through any difficulties they may be experiencing or inquiries they may have about products.

After creating a profile with standard demographic and contact information, users are able to browse for products catered to their current needs. I found this to be particularly useful because I experience a variety of symptoms depending on the day and situation so this helps me find new products based on my symptoms and desired effect.

I am also able to find the tried and true strains and products that I know help with the more persistent symptoms. Under the Product tab, all of Curio’s products are broken up by method of ingestion. This has made it easy to find the products I was looking for and will come in handy when my local dispensary is out of 40mg Black Cherry Vanilla Curio Chews!

When I found the item that best suited my needs, I was able to see where it is available on the menu of every dispensary in Maryland that carries Curio’s products. Each location is displayed on a comprehensive and visual map, as well as in a list format.

It uniquely highlights the flagship dispensary of Curio Wellness, becoming Far and Dotter. Here, you can be assured that you’ll receive comprehendible information from their highly trained staff. If you’re not up to make the drive to the dispensary, this app also offers an opportunity for users to reach out to an expert on Curio products under the Learn tab.

I was easily able to use the app to locate a strain that I’ve found to help my anxiety, Wizard Punch. I found that it was available at the dispensary down the street from me and used the app to access their online menu to place an order.

I found this to be much more user friendly than trying to filter through all the options on most menu services. I also had been traveling an extra distance to find the right products, but now I can see that they are available much closer to home, saving me money on gas and allowing me to buy an extra pre-roll.

Once I had picked up my medicine, the Curio app let me document my experience with the strain including what condition I was attempting to treat with it, and how it made me feel. It asks for a rating of how effective the product was for me, the time of day that I used the product, and any notes I would have for myself for future reference.

This is extremely helpful for trying new strains and products because it provides a space for me to journal about my experience and access them before I make my next choice at the dispensary. It is difficult to remember exactly how each product makes me feel, especially because I use a variety of products to help treat my conditions.

Having a journal of past products will help me to focus in on what is helping and what I may need to change in my routine.

The notes section is a good spot to document the dosage that I used and whether it was too much, not enough, or just right. Noting the time of day that I took the product was something that I had never thought to do in the past, but makes sense when trying to gauge the effectiveness of a product. For instance, when a strain makes me feel a bit sluggish,

I can make a note that I had a less than pleasant experience medicating with it in the morning and remember to save that for bedtime medication.

When I find something I especially like, I can share it with my friends and family that are looking for relief by using the “Share Product” function. This will send them a link to the product, allow them to read the information that is provided, and find it nearest to them.

It’s also a great way to share general knowledge with people in my life that are new to cannabis. They can make an account of their own and learn where to begin, as starting out as a medical cannabis patient can be a less than straightforward process without the proper guidance.

All in all, I found this app to be fairly user-friendly and a good way to learn more about what Curio has to offer. Despite some minor glitches, it was a smooth interface that could be easily navigated by someone who isn’t tech savvy.

Whether the user is just beginning their journey into medical cannabis or they have been a patient for years, the Curio app offers a unique way to find essential information about products best suited for their needs.


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