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Cannador Still Life Product Photography Shoot

Cannador is actually pretty amazing and a HUGE step up from the Dutch Masters stash box of our collective Gen X memory:

Thanks Seamus my assistant for lending that hand

As you can see the fit and finish is super premium as is the price but nice things cost money for sure and this company has it figured out, the connoisseur angle. Every single person I have shown these stash boxes too has walked away with much desire to purchase them.

Lifestyle @ Graffiti Warehouse

Still life with associated products

Blue velvet on black leather, crystal glass bongs and high quality accessories, product still life. Last months shoot for Cannador was another still life session but with red leather chairs, my art deco coffee table and cubist shag carpet, the things we do for art!

Cannador still life shoot from November

Next month I have a lifestyle shoot planned with a young hip couple in their apartment, check back you all.


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