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Building The Scene: Digital Collage Brand Photography with Alt-Sol & Grow West Cannabis

Greetings fellow Connoisseurs and thanks for tuning in... For this week's edition I will highlight some of the collage work I have been doing of late, in particular two brands: Alt-Sol and Grow West Cannabis.

First up is a collage for Alt-Sol, I decided on a dark edgy low key look and feel, just like the brand itself, the assets were from a branding session a few months ago, very postmodern:

Alt-Sol Cannabis Brand Collage

The collage itself reminded me those 80s action movie posters, so I decided to just go with it full tilt:

80s Action movie poster vibe

I had to rearrange the items to a vertical format, and added the graphics and marquee, the overall result is the client was very pleased and we are thinking about making a "movie poster" series for dispensaries.

I also had some Grow West items from a test session a few weeks back, I really like the glossy high end feel of the packaging so this became the subject in my next collage:

Bright bold branded still life collage

I added a Bouqe hemp rolling paper as a prop and it ended up rather nice with an organic healthy wellness vibe going on, pleased so I made a vertical version:

Vertical version brand collage

I actually liked this one better, the mix of organics and metals, flowers etc just kinda worked so I went with it.

I will have my collage session with Curio Wellness & This Is Strane next up, thanks for tuning in.


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