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Behind the Flavors: The Inspiring Story of Feel Good Flavors - A Must -Watch Documentary

We are thrilled to introduce you to Feel Good Flavors, a premium cannabis lifestyle brand that combines quality cannabis products with stylish accessories. Feel Good Flavors is the brainchild of Dino, a local legend and veteran of the DC cannabis scene.
View The Video On YouTube Or Tap To Watch Below:

"This Is Our Turn" - The Feel Good Flavors Story

Please Enjoy The Documentary Style Interview Video Premier


Feeling Good In Graffiti Alley - Baltimore MD
After doing his time, Dino harnessed his street team guerrilla marketing tactics to create a brand that reflects his organic ties to the community and his strong desire to succeed.
Feel Good Flavors Documentary Video - Screenshots

Feel Good Flavors:

  • Phase One - Smell Proof Bags & Stylish Accessories

  • Phase Two - Lifestyle Clothing Brand & Apparel

  • Phase Three - Connoisseur Cannabis Strains

Styling: Feel Good Flavors Documentary Video - Screenshots

Old School Meets New School - Feel Good Flavors Documentary Video - Screenshots

Phase Three: Connoisseur Cannabis Strains Launching Soon
Project Goals: I attempted to position Dino the founder as a sympathetic character, with organic ties to the community, an expansive vision for his brand and a strong desire to succeed. This set the journey/quest frame for the documentary and together with the mistakes in youth/past completed his character arc.
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