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Behind The Scenes @ A Lifestyle Shoot: Cannador Dabbing Tools - Video Clip

I set up a lifestyle shoot for my client Cannador, they had requested a particular shot, loading concentrate into a dab rig using their dab tool with their premium stash boxes in the background. While photographing the session I shot some some Behind The Scened video and turned it into a one minute clip.

Here are three photos from the session:
Load Shot One: Big Flavor

Load Shot Two: With Subject (Peace Love Tree)

Thanks Peace Love Tree for posing!

Load Shot Three: The Melt...
The photography session went pretty well, I used a combination of natural and supplemental strobe lighting where needed, most of the focus was on the loading aspect then the melt, inhale and then the exhale, the BTS video basically follows the same narrative arc.

I still have to remember that many people have never actually seen a dab rig or even one in action being used, so this video is also somewhat educational. My wife hadn't seen a rig like this before and was fascinated with the process and imagery, likening it to a science project.

Let me know if you like the BTS video and I'll try to make more.


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