Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! Summertime in the cannabis world equals fun times, outdoor #SunGrownCannabis is still in full flowering bloom, and the Medical Cannabis Connoisseur's are excited for #Corptober! Our fine Western friend's @GrowWestMD, have perked my curiosity with some super fresh indoor, Cumberland, MD grown, fantastic flower that's teaming with crazy sweet medicine!

  • Strain: #MemoryLoss

  • THCa: 20.3%

  • Grower: @GrowWestMD

  • Tools: New friends (The Dispensary) Pax3, 10x loope, and the morning time!


My restful eye's slowly blink and watering with joy, as this amazing fluffly bud falls out of my ogange jar, that's covered in kief! Time for the 10x loope to send my visual curiosity down the limey green foliage. The lovely dancing mushroom capped trichomes scream to be vaped! Preparing this bud allows me to almost see the stinky terpiene funk lifting off the ground bud, there's nothing more exciting! 


Danky sweet candy flavors of mellow mellon delight, rolls though my noggin gently, and melts away my morning dew with #MemoryLoss' funkyness. A country sweet spice tea stank, lingers off these freshly trimmed bud's, and brings my senses' to the never ending road of rediclous relaxation. 


Deep excitement hits, as my Pax3 produces thick vapor that covers me in Mother Nature's super strong Kushy flavors! Without love in the session, memory is lost 100%.  #MemoryLoss uplifts me with a wonderful europhic stress reliever, as I feel help is always on the way from the first draw! The muscle relief, helps sink me into a pleasantly  creative wacked-out fuzzy sensation! This Amnesia Haze x Face Off OG sativa leaning crossed strain, sends me past the highest Sierra top and my music go deep into session. Unforgettable forgetfulness is what #MemoryLoss is all about for me, as it splashes my entire body with relief!


Flipping through life with clips of short term #MemoryLoss, has tripped me into a wonderful necessary part of living my life. For all Cannabis Connoisseurs out there, GrowWest has helped me remember the ones that are memorable!


  • Peace and smoke up y'all! 

  • Big J


"I find a fun sticky kiefy mess dropping out of the chamber..."

Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! Finding an art, within trimming fine medical cannabis, over the past few weeks has been truly remarkable for me. Another slamming beautifully trimmed bud by Maryland based grower, @Forwardgro, has produced for the community #PhantomCookies #5. 


Coming in at 22.2% THCa and having a funky stench, this fresh bud sends me down the delightfulness trail, finding for excitement!


This is one very tight sugared up lime greeny bud, that is smacking my eye with mushroom capped trichomes under the loope. This fantastically trimmed bud is covered completely with heavy amber rosin up tips, that work me into joy! 



  • Strain: Phantom Cookies #5

  • Grower: Forwardgro

  • THCa: 22.2%

  • Tools: pax2, flower clippers, old man glasses, 10x loope, outside, and my fingers



Popping the nug into my grinder, I find a fun sticky kiefy mess dropping out of the chamber. A familiar, but very distance, tasty sweet Country Muskydine grape earthy dankiness, pours out of the grinder, covering my fingers in all this bud's wonderful stank; all the while, Phantom Cookies #5 fills the air with its cannabis funk, and my taste senses are tickled with a sweet wild-berry gassy bubblegum flavor, that scream Vape me!


Striking with pulsating crazy euphoria, for me Phantom Cookies #5 massages my stoney head between the eye's, and uplifts the brain with a fantastic buzzy sensation! Bringing my heavily inflamed muscle pain to a stand still, the head warms with peaceful thoughts of not giving a care in the world. As my inhibition are ripped off, my focus turns to laughing with creative thoughts. With a strong onset, this Sativa leaning flower helps me discover a sharp, and very creative mouth.  


Almost instantly, this bud destroys my darkness and replaces it with a wickedly comfortable feeling of calm. Late into my session, the GDP x Cherry Pie cross flower, sends pleasurable affects within the body that seem never ending! 


The amplified excitement of this bud lingers me deep into childhood smells and fun times without worries. Phantom Cookies has put this Maryland Cannabis Connoisseur well into discoverable mode of more Cookies!


Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! The cannabis world has some strains with "Old School" lineage. Bringing joy to the always extremely bored head, @Grassroots_md has grown this holy wow batch of #durbanpoison that I hope will hold true to its name!


The space train under the 10x loope shows off these rich amber rosin balls and a super intensely saturated orangey green foliage that bleeds into purple overtoned tips. My eyes start to water as these puffy Summer time buds pop out of the jar, and it's time to crush these bud! 



  • Strain: Durban Poison 

  • Grower: @Grassroots_MD 

  • THCa: 20.90%

  • Tools: Pax2, 10x loope,, and a stressful brain!



Once again, the ground #durbanpoison hasn't disappointed my nose. Ridiculous familiar aromas lift off this beautiful bud and the room is drenched with a pungent tangy sweet funk.  Heavy citrus wonderful danky waves blanket me into session mode!


Out of the Pax3 this heavy billowing vapor that lifts like clouds in the Summer heat! I'm drifted into a THC bath of #Durbinpoison, while the intense brain relief lifts my darkness away, and tosses me into massive dose of sunshine daydreams! Happily 


flying into creative euphoria, I find myself spinning into a mind focussing wave of pain forgetfullness.  #Durbanpoison is a landrace strain from South Africa that is currently leaving me spinning happily filled with Mother Nature's Cannabis nector!


Reconnecting with a flower that brings me to complete weightlessness, draws up giggles, and allows my discoing brain extreme clarity. This batch of #Durbanpoison is just the kind of heavy sha'wack in-the-face smoke I need to roll though Summer time!


"A deep rich frosted rose bud style tip, drips with ripping amber trichomes.."

Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! Rainy days wash away the pollen, Sun-kissed Greenhouse cannabis flower's are in full bloom, and its sending me into discovery mode of new strains that bring ripping happiness to my head. Sungrowen Cannabis company ForwardGro, has cropped a new Sativa leaning phenotype called #Hennessy. From the look of the terps, a heady funtastic time shall come on from this flower. With unknown parents, confirmed by the grower, my new adventure awaits with #Hennessy!



  • Strain: Hennessey 

  • Grower: Forwardgro

  • THCa: 25.7%

  • Tools: Pax3, 1/8 of flower, 10x loope, Mother Nature's Sunshine, and the fingers



A deep rich frosted rose bud style tip, drips with ripping amber trichomes that, of course, allow my eyes and brain to take a relaxing pleasurable deep breath. The chocolate colored sparkling waves of green foliage, casts me into an Oasis of cannabis space land. Just as a side note, Forwardgro has introduced a new container that has managed to keep these nugs very fresh and ready to crush!


Coming out of the grinder with a smooth as bitter sweet vanilla cream stank, a stream of silky caramel delight paves a path to happiness inside my nose! This raging, overly light, spicy flavor fills the room slowly but lingers. The danky crisp fun taste, pops out of the pax3 with sugary pine flavor that over stimulates and clears my lungs quickly, my session starts!


Senses' are uplifted and become clear as spring mountain water, once the vapor desends over my body.  My focus sharply turns to colors of Mother Nature, twirling me into instant joy and focus from the strong limonene/pinene mix.  My brilliant Pax3 pulls all this tasty sweetness from Hennessey bud and sends me wondering into a world of undiscovered strong muscle relaxation, that refreshes my entire body! This newly inspired sensation allows me to be a quite observer within this beautiful eye dropping smoke.


Seeking joy within this tiny little community is easily found, but with Medical Cannabis, my community has become far from tiny. For me, it's a blast to discover new meds for my home arsenal and Forwardgro's #Hennessey has earned it's famous well deserved name!

  • Strain: Peyote Cookies#4

  • Product: Kief

  • THCa: 51.1%

  • Terps: over 4% Wow!

  • Grower: @Forwardgro 


Tools: all of them!


Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day!  Fall has arrived and fine new cannabis product's have shhha'wacked this Medical Connoisseur into overdrive! Kief is one of my personal go too's @Forwardgro kicked started my fall with a crazy terpy rich #PeyoteCookies #4 kief. Knocking it out of the park with over 4% terpenes, Wow! Pleasurable moments should happen with this indica leaning cross between Peyote Purple x Cookie Kush. 


Kief always comes with such rich amber colorful golden hashy beautiful brown saturated over tones, that send me drifting slowly down into the playful optical land. I find myself discovering a kaleidoscope of rosin balls covered with Mother Nature's goodness, excitement twinkle's eye!


Super fun brain waves vibrate my sense's with a spicy citrus funk that's lifting from the jar. Tingling my nose, a pungent sweetness displays itself in this batch of PyC#4. The wacked-out strong Earthy stank, sends a funky doo'licious terpy cloud throughout my session room! 


As the white thick opaque smoke lifts from my chillum, my body is sent down a soothing bucket ride of muscle relaxing joy. The heavy caryophyllene/limonine terpy blend, helps me achieve a full body terpene experience, that instantaneously opening the door to the other side of fun loving creative euphoria. PyC#4 crushes my stress and has me soring up to the highest unforgettable mushroom capped trichome. Living up to its crazy name, I soon jump down the train of unexplainable giggling and thoughtful excitement. My dead weight gratefully lands safely on the over stuffed sofa!


Fresh new drops of kief always bring joyful feelings to our medical cannabis community. PyC#4's magical cannabis dust has blanketed my entire body, all while floating me to the piercing land of thoughful danky bliss.


  • Peace and Smoke up y'all! - Big J

Peyote Cookies #4 Kief

My name is Jason Grass (a.k.a. Big J!)


After suffering for years from pain, due to back/neck injuries/surgery, I found medical cannabis more effective than doctor's pills! So, I quit my career of 26 years and started as a budtender @ Curio Wellness early 2018 and now I work for ForwardGro.

I thoroughly enjoy helping/teaching others on the how too's of treating themselves with medical cannabis

I teach a lot different ways to use cannabis; however, I encourage others, like myself, to use their cannabis with dry herb vapes (Pax2, Pax3, Volcano). 


Also, teaching others the art of infusing whole plant cannabis into coconut oil is a true passion of mine. I teach classes on how to... Connect with Big J to see the times!


  • Cannabis is teaching me to enjoy my family and life again! 

District Cannabis
Lemon Royale Shatter


Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! As the year begins with vibrant excitement, I’ve decided 2021 we’ll  start out reviews on a extreme HIGH point!  District Cannabis comes swang'n to the market as a new processors of fine Medical Cannabis in Maryland, with one spectacular strain extracted into shatter. #LemonRoyal manages to slam this Cannabis Connoisseur way into over exciting Shatter-drive!

  • Processor: District Cannabis 

  • Strain: Lemon Royal -Shatter! 

  • THCa: 85.04% 

  • Terps: 6.35% total

  • Tools: 10x loupe, Pax3/concentrate tray, and all my trusty dab tools!


Standard packaging for shatter these days… plastic, zipped up tight, and ready tooo goooooo!; however, I’m really digging the semi-transparent pure Cannabis nectar directly displayed for my home viewing!  My eyes’ catch an overly saturated golden honey Amber hue, pouring from the center of the medicine. As I study with my 10x loupe, an electrifying dance of colors  pop off my radiating small gram’r of shatter. Piercing tones of yellowish orange bleed deep into Amber happiness, and with one single pop it’s “shatterzzz" into pieces like fine stain glass!


I’m always searching and pleased to discover thick marshmallow colored vapor funneling through my Rig, and I uncover a magnificently clean citrus-sweet dankness, that sha'wacks my brain into all kinds of giggling laughy sensations! Pleasantly dropping me into an electrifying buzzing-body-blast that cascades through my frontal lobe within seconds of exhale. This batch of #lemonroyal shatter brings on a creative infatuation with music that bends past space. With a strong limonene uplifting delight, joyfulness is applied rip after rip, and liftoff is incredible to say the least. I’m sent instantaneously pin-balling through wonderful wormholes of a euphoric dreamy destination. All the while deep in session, I'm firmly relaxed, and my body is warmed into a pain forgetting Cannabis coma!


What a beautiful cross between Lemon Tree x GMO/TK Skunk that has birthed a strong sativa leaning strain, without darkness!  Wow... Like the sands of time, this batch of melting LemonRoyal shatter, truly slips me past the Golden Sun of evaporation and passages me to the other side.


  • Peace and smoke up y’all! - Big J

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