What Cannabis Strain Is For Me?

Updated: May 26

This is the age old question, the answer very elusive... My simple answer is this:

  • The Nose Knows - Trust The Nose.

When you are in line @ a dispensary this is usually the situation, you are looking at a huge menu/leaderboard with all kinds of numbers, facts and figures and you are trying to make this complex cost vs benefit analysis, thc vs price vs terps vs whatever...

Cannabis Concentrates
Evermore - Orange Drizzle

I am a huge fan of those more "fruity" aromas and flavor profiles, not exclusively but a good amount of the time. I have found Evermore Cannabis Co has the products I like the most when I am in this mood, for example take a look @ their Orange Drizzle Live Batter it is to die for and the effects are euphoric and blissful, but it's that aroma that really makes the sale, cotton candy with citrus overtones.

Another strain I like when in this mood, Curio Wellness does the trick as well, check this out:

Cannabis and bubblegum
Curio Wellness

What aroma profile fo you like? When you go into a liquor store you don't go for the Everclear, you get what tastes good and makes you feel good, you should apply the same logic when in a dispensary.

So in conclusion, when in doubt trust your nose, your nose knows. - GM

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