This Medical Cannabis Concentrate Blisses You Out Minus The Hard Up Front Anxiety.

Updated: May 26

Jelly Breath Badder - gLeaf MD

  • THE SCIENCE: Tests 85.7% thca and .7% thc. 1.2% cbg. Top 3 terpenes are limonene at 1.55%, caryophyllene at 1.15% and humulene at .5%

This stuff is amazing! Gleaf Medical concentrate team has really impressed me lately. I could smell it before I even opened the lid. Usually I try to stay away from limonene but hammerhead was high limonene and worked very well. Take a look at that sweetness!

Jelly Breath Badder - gLeaf MD Cannabis Concentrate
Jelly Breath Badder - gLeaf MD

Plus the way this stuff looked in the pictures I just couldn't pass it up when I saw it was on sale. Not to mention it was a nice fat gram. Looks amazing like they literally cut a slice of budder lol. This is definitely on the sativa side very happy uplifting. Your not just stuck on the couch it's very productive.

I didn't have much anxiety really. But to be fair I'm also smoking on some pineapple skunk live that's really high in terpinolene and myrcene so it's probably balancing out the limonene in the badder to an extent.

Everyone is different though just because I'm not anxious doesn't mean other people won't be. It's hard to honestly pinpoint what relieves anxiety in cannabis and what causes it. High cbd doesn't do anything for me.

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And I feel like 1:1 is ok but I feel the most relief with high thc still. Could be a tolerance thing. But yeah I might get anxious for the first 15 min but after that I feel better than ever.

So personally I just deal with the 15-30 min of anxiety and then enjoy the 3-4 hours of relief. And not all causes me anxiety. Either way This stuff seems very clean and smooth. Not harsh at all.

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  • Highly recommend trying this!

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