This Is Why I ❤️ CULTA Love Shatter... Entourage Effects.

Updated: May 26

LOVE SHATTER by CULTA - This stuff is great for anxiety or PTSD or any panic disorder!!! You still feel the THC it's just not as intense. The CBD really balances your mind so your clear headed while still benefiting from the THC. Honestly if you suffer from a panic disorder I highly recommend this.

I tried CBD alone and it's OK but it just doesn't make my symptoms completely go away. But with the entourage effect it's a whole different story. I mean in an even handle high limonene strains with ease as long as I have enough cbd in my system.

  • I mean this strain is really great for it on it's own. Has me very happy enjoying my life with absolutely no stress. I highly recommend this.

And you cant beat this medicine. I've been trying hard to figure out this paradox that cannabis is. It causes cures anxiety.... but why is that??? So far what I find is THC in general causes anxiety. It can get you overthinking and stuck in your head. I also find strains that are more energetic (limonene,caryophyllene,pinene etc) seem to cause more anxiety.

They are uplifting and happy which can make your anxiety better true but anxiety is not depression necessarily. They go hand in hand but have different symptoms. Also those strains seem to be more mental effects which can be very bad for a person with panic disorders.

Anyway seems like the only thing to solve this paradox is CBD. And I've found caryophyllene to be helpful but can also make my anxiety bad at times. This seems to be a great balance. It seems to be a 2:1 (CBD:THC). I also slept very well using this.

Only thing I can see though is it doesn't really help my stomach too much. I find myself using other strains with it. This is great for anxiety and pain though.

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