The Best Part Of My Visit To DC Cultivator Alt-Sol Was...

Updated: May 26

We got the opportunity to meet Matt and his crew @ Alt-Sol in DC, the area used to be a wreck but is now in that post-modern phase of neighborhood refitting where everything old is new again, I walked past what looked like a church youth center, some modernist looking building a small patch of graffiti on a blank wall was welcomed.

As you walked up to the non-descript Alt-Sol building no sense of the rows and rows of cannabis plants growing inside was detectable outside, not a whiff - impressive.

I was greeted by Matt and his crew, we talked shop for a bit then I was whisked off to their postmodern grow. We talked to the 2 brothers head cultivators who are locally born and bred, it being as it is that many of these companies imported talent from the west coast & CO, not @ Alt-Sol we have a real connection to the community with these guys.

The office staff was very KIND and enthusiastic, you could tell they loved their jobs, I joked with a room full of trimmers about sneaking out of the back for hurried puffs on a joint when I worked @ a series of record stores in the 90s. One young trimmer noted she had never been to a record store, seen only in the movies, sigh.

After soaking up more of the sounds and smells of the magical place we ended up in the cure room, this was amazing and we lingered here as any true connoisseur would in a room full of weed!

The aroma was intense, pungent and blissful, but the best part of my visit was when Matt pulled out some swag and informed me that Zippo was getting into the cannabis space.

I have had a few of these during the years and they have always become conversation pieces rather than just a tool, value beyond the mere materials, that is Zippo a classic brand.

  • This was the best part of my visit!

Anyhow, thanks to Matt, President of Alt-Sol (co-owner with his dad, that's for another time) and his crew for the good vibes and great visit, you can expect some new compelling material for Alt-Sol soon, they have a pretty incredible story to tell and I am proud to help them tell it. - GM

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