Super Silver Haze Batter: Culta Concentrates Have Created a Huge Buzz In The Market. Pun Intended!

Updated: May 26

Super Silver Haze Batter Produced by and Purchased from Culta Cannabis

Guest Writer - Seamus McCanty

Super Silver Haze Batter Cannabinoid Profile:

  • THC: 3.6% THCA: 78.3%

  • Total Cannabinoids: 82.3%

  • Terpene Profile:

  • b-Myrcene: 7.05%

  • b-Caryophyllene: 1.09%

  • linalool: 0.73%

  • Ocimene: 0.68%

  • a-Pinene: 0.55%

  • Limonene: 0.48%

Total Terpenes: 11.80%

Culta concentrates have created a huge buzz in the medical cannabis market. No pun intended :)

From their low prices to their constant deals, it is no wonder they have quickly become a favorite for many patients. As I have tried their live diamonds, live resins, and shatters, I felt that I ought to give their batter a try. I was not disappointed!

Super Silver Haze Batter - CULTA
Super Silver Haze Batter - CULTA
Batter is a form of extraction in which the extract is whipped under heat, integrating the terpenes into a fluffy mixture that resembles cake batter.

This method produces an end product that is very fragrant and terpy with consistency varying from crumbly to liquidy. The sample that I got was somewhere in-between but stable enough to scoop up a dab easily

When dabbed the batter melts into a light yellow color that’s clarity resembles clarified butter. It tastes just as smooth as it looks.

The flavor is comparable to Culta’s shatter selection, while the smell and consistency closer resemble their live resins. So if you like that terpene smell but have a bit smaller of a medicine budget, this is a great option!

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This strain kicked my depression in the butt!

I was having a rough day and after a dab of this, my thoughts became clearer and I felt much more control of my emotions. It was like a weight was lifted off of me! After about 30 minutes, I had completely relaxed and felt much better in general. I was not surprised that Culta produced yet another form of quality medicine. But now it is Connoisseur confirmed!

Shatter is shiny but batter can be better!
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