Meat Breath Live Batter - Ignites Mother Nature's Bliss! SunMed Labs: Medicine From The Sun

Updated: May 26

  • Strain: Meat Breath

  • Product: Live Badder!

  • THC: 78.70%

  • Terps: 7.62%

  • Processor: SunMed Labs

  • Tools: Rig, 10x loupe, music, and a new climate

By Jason Grass - Guest Reviewer and Resident Cannabis Guru

Hey hey from Big J's smoke of the day! I find myself diving deep into understanding what Medical Cannabis has done to help construct and deconstruct our wonderful Cannabis Culture. Time and cannabis history always breeds some fire, energy, and rosin fueled buds! This Meatloaf X Mendo Breath cross has birthed some tasty oozing trichomes. I'm always looking for a crazy distinct style of concentrates, and nothing but Sun-Grown goodness can possibly come from SunMed Lads batter drop!

Cracking open the Meat Breath Live Batter by @SunMed.Labs, my eyes are met with a beautiful display of 710-fire! Scanning with my 10x loupe over the badder, my senses go into overdrive as I witness a mirror like sheen displaying a hope of sparkling happiness. This Cannabis Connoisseur loves seeing these brilliant rich yellowish golden hues of Cannabis goodness... it's 100% Torch Time!

Once melted, the oil is a light amber color that totally ignites my entire being and a peaceful understanding of Mother Nature's gift comes to light. The vapor lifts from my banger, a unique limonene tang hits the air, and tasty terps drop a danky chemical-herby spice throughout the room. Without disappointment, the magic batter hits the frontal lobe, and I slowly bounce down focused Stoner Lane. Spectacularly deep on The Otherside, all the while enjoying finger tapping music, I realize my Euphoric Heaven with Meat Breath's fine nectar.

Dabbing concentrates come down to your own level of comfort and experience. I personally enjoyed this session and being slammed into a distant part of reality that completely dropped me towards a bright shining Star... and had me asking myself, Nothing I Say Means Saying Nothing?!

Peace and smoke up y'all!

Jason Grass - The Jason Grass Experience

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