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Lights, Camera, Coffee & Cannabis!

Lights, camera, coffee & cannabis! The film set was abuzz with energy as we embarked on a unique project: bridging the gap between a bustling cannabis dispensary and its newly opened coffee shop sibling.

Our mission? To create a captivating video that would entice dispensary customers to utilize the coffee shop as a relaxing waiting area. With walk-throughs, dynamic b-roll, and a pulsating soundtrack, we aimed to capture the essence of both establishments and showcase their seamless integration.

Leading a talented team of actors, a second camera operator, and a drone pilot, we navigated the intricacies of filming in a live environment.

Arriving @ The Dispensary

Checking In & Advised On Coffee Shop

The early morning hours presented a challenge as we worked around the dispensary and coffee shop's busy operations, utilizing minimal equipment and employing run-and-gun filming techniques.

Walking To Grounded Coffee Co

Ordering From The Vast + Delicious Menu

Yummy Custom Creations Made While You Wait
Our goal was to seamlessly blend into the background, capturing authentic interactions and showcasing the inviting ambiance of the coffee shop.
Enjoying The Chill Vibes - Getting Text From Dispenary

Logo Wall - Grounded Coffee Co

Back @ The Dispensary To Pick Up Order
The final product will be optimized for various platforms, from the client's website and social media channels to the large 4K display monitors gracing the coffee shop's & dispensary waiting room walls.


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