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Isana Genetics: Live Plant Macro Session

I had a great meeting with the founders of Isana Genetics, Brent and Kevin are OG strain hunters in the Arjan Roskam mold. These guys go out into the farthest reaches of the planet to bring old school/landrace OG genetics back to Maryland, they then intensely breed with their extensive portfolio, make seeds, test and so on until they have some of the best primo weed you can possibly smoke.
Purple Bliss
THE ISANA EXPERIENCE: A unique fusion of old & new, a yin & yang fire with an exotic potent flair, flavorful terpene profiles, a respectful balance of history & innovation with deep authentic Maryland cannabis culture roots.
As they say the nose knows and the proof is in the plants:
Pure Fire
I brought a rather technically complex setup to capture the focus stacked images, I used a tripod, 2x macro lens, three strobes and softboxes, a rail slider and remote trigger. I then took about 40-60 images of each plant @ f11 then stitched them all back together in post to get the clear stacked look that this cannabis deserves.

Trichome Party

Fire Weed - Looks Like a Flame
The background was a large piece of black velvet which absorbs light and helps to create that noir, connoisseur aesthetic, look and feel.

Trichome Covered Sugar and Fan Leaves
While I was shooting @ Isana with the founders, we talked at length about their past, (these guys have some crazy stories to tell) how they got to where they are now, their travels, challenges and opportunities, the motivations and philosophy behind the brand, existential stuff that we will explore in an upcoming documentary style interview video, so stay tuned.
The Aroma Was Intense
These plants proudly showed the fruits of Brent and Kevin's labor, under the 2x macro lens the trichomes express themselves "pretty & potent" with harvest coming soonish...
More Fire & Flame

Up Close & Macro
Isana has partnered with Shore Natural RX to produce their unique fusion of old school & contemporary genetics and with: Remedy Maryland, Mana Supply Company and Mary and Main to distribute the finished product for the Maryland medical and recreational cannabis market, get out there and try the Isana Experience for yourself.
HIGHLY Recommended!

This was one long and enjoyable session, I will be coming back to make some spin videos and that aforementioned interview video with the founders, get to know Isana Genetics.


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