Interview With Manny Jay: Maryland Sales Associate

Greetings fellow Connoisseurs, we are chatting with Manny Jay... He is a Sales Associate for Green Thumb and in that capacity we have run into Manny many times both doing "Community Work". the first time was @ Chesacanna in Cockeysville @ a Dogwalkers event - seeing the passion of those fans created an itch for me to know more, and we were educated and enlightened by getting to know Manny and GTI in general.


Manny please tell us a bit about your job and Green Thumb in general, what are some of the

challenges and opportunities in your position?


I am a Sales Associate with Green Thumb in Maryland. Green Thumb, a national cannabis consumer packaged goods company and retail, promotes well-being through the power of cannabis while giving back to the communities in which they serve. 


My primary responsibility is to connect the medication we make at our facility to the individual dispensaries here in Maryland, including the Rise stores operated by Green Thumb. I perform a series of tasks to ensure the smooth distribution of those products to each of the dispensaries in our state. I love to connect with the Maryland Cannabis Community and experience how much our products improve the quality of life for so many throughout the state.


What is Dogwalkers all about? I have seen some pretty intense brand / fan interest in

this brand in particular @ the Dog Walking Events... People love their pets and

cannabis which can equal cult-like brand loyalty... in a good way.


These pre-rolls were inspired by the strolls we take with our loyal four-legged friends.

Dogwalkers come in to two very intentional sizes.



  • Mini-Dogs, perfect for those short walks, (5).35g pre-rolls (1.75g), in a convenient tin and packed with premium flower.

  • Big Dogs, perfect for those longer strolls, (1).75g pre-roll(.75g), in a glass tube and packed with premium flower.



We use full buds, no trim or shake for our Dogwalkers.

Fun Fact: We really practice what we preach. We included a “Dog Kennel” in our build

design for our lab and cultivation.


Dogwalkers is committed to helping animals in need. Dogwalkers partnered with Maryland

Pet Connect Rescue, where they donate part of the proceeds from its sales of Dogwalkers

to this great organization.


Rythm is now selling Cannabis Flower in Maryland, this is exciting news, please tell

our readers more about this.


We provide individualized care for every plant ensures optimal potency and peak purity

across every grow cycle. Rythm premium flower offers a variety of expertly cultivated and

meticulously cured strains with optimal potencies, lush aromas, and rich flavors. 100% pure



We have heard a lot about the industry and the job, tell us a bit about your personal

faves... what strain and concentrates do it for you? 


I love flower with amazing Terpene profiles. I do not make my decision based on THC

content; I look at the terpenes first. I like healthy amounts of limonene, myrcene and

caryophyllene in my flower. I am enjoying a batch of RYTHM Black Afghan right now.


Rythm Terp Sap is my go-to for concentrates. Rythm Terp Sap contains highly

concentrated, terpene-rich cannabis oil. These strain specific full spectrum concentrates

offer high potency and full flavor in a convenient dropper. It’s so versatile, I make edibles

with it, I dab it and love to use it as a “flower topper” to stack on top of a bowl of flower. I

am currently enjoying RYTHM Banana Cookies Terp Sap.


Lastly... Music you are currently into?


Ahh Man! I listen to all genres of music. I was born in Sri Lanka, so sometimes it is funny, I

hear a song that is a classic, but sounds brand new to me. There are some days, I listen to

Pink Floyd, Guns n’ Roses and some days, I listen to Hip-Hop from J Cole, Drake, Logic

and Russ. 



  • However, Juice by Chance the Rapper is my Favorite since 2013!

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