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Hey Rachel - Could you go into the origin and background of Holistic Industries, where and how you started up, 6 years ago I believe which makes you guys (one) the oldest cannabis company on the east coast?


Before founding Holistic Industries in 2014, my cousin Josh Genderson ran our family’s wine and spirits business, Schneider’s of Capitol Hill. He learned the importance of truly good customer service and combined his experience in navigating the highly regulated wine and spirits industry to launch the company. 


My background is in fashion and tech and I started my career working at leading fashion brands such as Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg and Gilt Groupe. After 5 years, I realized the fashion industry was not for me. I wanted to do something new and temporarily moved back to Washington DC to help my family implement our own seed to sale platform. After one month working at our first cultivation center, I fell in love and never left.


When I first joined Holistic, I was blown away by seeing first-hand how our products and services helped our customers, and why it’s so important to continue to provide high quality medical cannabis for patients in need. Our top priority is our customers and delivering top-notch customer service, while providing access to quality, safe medicine within all of the markets we serve. It has been such a rewarding experience


Holistic was the first cultivation center to open in Washington D.C. and the first to bring CBD to the market. Today, we are the largest private multi-state operator (MSO) with fully vertical operations in California, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Michigan.


We grow our medical grade cannabis in a professional, controlled, and carefully monitored environment. Our facilities include cultivation centers, processing centers and dispensaries, where we ensure our customers have the treatments they need. 

​What is your role and duties @ Holistic Ind?


Currently, my role is Director of Marketing – a position I’ve held for a little over three years. I’m responsible for leading marketing efforts for all of our brands, with my day-to-day consisting of launching, and executing, successful marketing initiatives for each.


I oversee our marketing budget and work closely with the team, to ensure our marketing strategies are in line with our business objectives and Holistic’s overall plan. I also oversee all of the creative, branding, and social media, etc.


Can you tell us a bit about the company and brand's future plans, operating in multiple states, working with people like the Jerry Garcia family etc?


Holistic has a unique model and approach that enables us to win licenses, scale operations and introduce national brands successfully in highly regulated markets. Today we own and operate a total of seven medical cannabis facilities in five states and the District of Columbia – and we are growing. Currently, we have five pending licenses across several states, including Missouri and Illinois.  We source licenses on merit rather than simply acquiring them on the open market.


We have several brand initiatives in the pipeline. One that I’m particularly excited about is The Jerry Garcia Cannabis Collection that’s set to launch in Fall 2020. Working with Trixie Garcia, the rest of the Jerry Garcia family and the other teams involved has been a joint collaboration, as we want to honor Jerry’s legacy in an authentic and honest way.


Another launch we have coming up is Do Drops, our low-dose gummy edibles. While they’re currently only available in Massachusetts, we’ll be launching them in California in the summer and rolling out in additional markets - including Maryland - in chocolate form.


Lastly... What is your favorite music currently?


The Grateful Dead will forever be my favorite band. Getting to work on the Jerry Garcia brand has me listening to the Jerry Garcia Band nonstop for inspiration.

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