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"Heavy on the terps with a nice side of sedative euphoria..."

Just to start off with we are particularly fond of those "Pretty" Purple strains that seem to just be so popular with the public and the cultivators... That being said this batch from Verano Brands is especially pungent and nicely potent with nearly 4% terpenes (!!!!) and 28% total cannabinoids.


Genetics (G6 x Purple Punch)


Being a shotgun marriage between two very kind parents - G6 Jet fuel and Purple Punch the growers over at Verano MD knew what they were doing bringing this batch of bliss to the MD public... 

G6 is another one of our faves over here at MC being that we are usually Indica lovers this is unique as G6 brings on chronic pain relief without knocking you out during the day, in other words functional high.




Purple Punch brings the pretty purple coloring and for this alone we appreciate the cross, but the deep superb indica effects that seem to "bottom out" the G6 is a welcomed addition - Indica lovers will know what I am talking about. 

In a phrase that sums it up for us - Supreme Sedative Euphoria



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