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District Cannabis

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A Few Words From Parker Anger Marketing Director


What is your background and how did you come to your job @ DC, you mentioned your experience on the West Coast if you could talk about your journey to MD that would be cool


As is the case with many professional paths, this is a long and winding road to ending up here so I will try to be as concise as possible.  I was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland and have been friends Andras most of my life.  I moved to the west coast when I was 21 and shortly after moving I opened a sporting good store with some friends.  We used that as a launching point to expand to 9 total stores and simultaneously created a wholesale apparel company.  The wholesale side eventually opened accounts like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority.  To say we were learning on the fly is an understatement and we certainly made many mistakes along the way.  Each new challenge was a great learning experience.  


I eventually wanted to take those experiences to help other's launch their own brands.  Being at the beginning of a new brand is always the most exciting time so I helped a good friend start a new lifestyle brand and developed a creative agency with him as well.  The same principals of branding, retail and wholesale apply, for the most part, but the path was a different one.

The agency provided creative services to clients like Nick Young and McDonalds while incubating our own brand internally.   Through an organic process Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Chris Paul, Emily Ratajkowski and long list of celebrities started to wear the in house brand.   Eventually we opened retailers like Barneys, Le Bon Marche, Ron Herman, and numerous other domestic and international accounts.  


So how does this all apply to the cannabis industry?  At some point along the journey we started to leverage our design and manufacturing capabilities to develop original apparel and packaging for cannabis companies.  As an emerging market the opportunities were plentiful and of course District Cannabis was a client for a bit.  During this time, Andras and I spoke about the industry, branding, sales, marketing philosophies.  My appetite grew and I really wanted to jump all in on this industry.  I am always up for a new challenge and knew the opportunity with District Cannabis was right.  

The people already involved being the most important factor but a lot more played in to the decision to move my family back here.  I am excited to bring my experience in branding, retail and wholesale to a team of people who I consider the best in class in regards to cultivation, product development, and overall character...